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Stock Holders
Stockholders are considered a business owner and has the protection of limited liability under the laws of the country which the company of the stock he holds resides. Limited liability means that stockholders are not personally liable for the debts of the corporation. The most stockholders can lose if the company fails is the amount of his or her investment—what the stockholders originally paid for the stock.Read More.

Types of Stocks
The benefits and risks involved in stock marketing depends on the type of stock your own. There are two kinds of shares that can be bought in stock marketing.

  • Common Stock and
  • Preferred Stock

Read More.

Kinds of Stocks
Blue Chip Stocks
Growth Stocks
Speculative StocksRead More.

Buying Stocks
Before you purchase a stock, perform a detailed research on the company of whose stock you are about to buy.
What about that stock blazing hot stock tip from your friend who keeps yelling at your ears, “Buy now or you will miss a life time opportunity”. Read More.

Mutual Fund, is a form of management-investment company that combines the money of its shareholders and invests those funds in a wide variety of stocks, bonds, and so-called money market instrument. Mutual funds is a growing branch of investment in Nigeria.Read More.

Classes of Funds
Mutual funds are classed according to their investment objectives.
Money-market mutual funds, Agrressive Growth Mutual Funds
Growth-and-income mutual funds, Balanced Mutual funds.Read More.

Open Ended Funds
Mutual funds can be open-ended or closed-ended. But many people consider all mutual funds to be open-ended, while putting closed-ended mutual funds in another category. Read More.

Close Ended Funds
Closed-end mutual funds generally have a fixed number of shares outstanding and are traded on the over-the-counter market or, in some instances, on nigerian stock exchange. Read More.